Our vision

Miselli Srl wants to be recognized globally as a reliable supplier of hydraulic accessories with a long history in this field, skills, flexibility and above all with a strong focus on quality.

Our Mission

Following the vision guidelines, the mission focuses on 4 different strategies that involve PRODUCT, CUSTOMER, MARKET and TEAM. Innovation and product improvement are constant goals: technology and design are simultaneously enhaced in order to supply an article that ensures excellent performances. The commitment is always aimed at establishing an extremely direct contact with customers in order to meet their needs concerning delivery times and customizations: in this way it is easy create a common advantage given by sharing skills, needs and experiences.

Miselli srl wants to be a globalized company, with dealers in the most important markets but also with an attention on the penetration with their products in new countries. The strength of Miselli srl lies in the team and it comes from the passion and the direct dialogue of our team memebers. All business procedures are designed to minimize the environmental impact.

Sustainability commitment

One of the priorities of Miselli srl is the attention to sustainability: it comes with different investments, both small and big.

The provision of an automatic water dispenser connected to the water supply avoids the use of about 50 plastic bottles per day: it encourages correct and measured behavior concerning the daily use of plastic.

A grand goal has been achived in 2019 when the photovoltaic system, located on the roof of the company, came into operation: this will produce, at full capacity, 130 000 kWh / year, thus allowing to cover about 70% of the energy needs total.