We offer a wide range of hydraulic equipment accessories for machines and hydraulic equipments. Performances of our products are tested to ensure the continuity of the technical characteristics granted on our general catalogue.

Oil level indicators

Closing plugs

Filler breathers

Metal plugs and breathers

Plastic protections

Accessories for all your needs

100% product customization in addition to the expertise in producting custom-designed items

Special packing, delivery and logistic services

Testing laboratory for sealing and temperature and pressure resistance tests

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Our products find their use on various types of applications with reference to its use apparatus or hydraulic components of the machine or plant.

The threaded filler breathers with and without dipstick are used on the metal tanks, instead on the plastic tanks the push-in breathers or internal thread breathers are suggested.
It’s the classical application of our products by the mounting on the hydraulic tank of the level indicator, the filler breather and the drain plug.
In addition to the use of oil level gauges for pumping unit piston, metal level indicators are used on industrial and silenced compressors.

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Miselli s.r.l. has made significant investments in quality in recent years, creating a system of internal procedures for planning and controlling all production activities.

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