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Miselli srl offers, thanks to its specific experience now more 'than thirty years in a wide range of hydraulic equipment accessories, components. machines and hydraulic equipment.
All items in thermoplastic material are own manufactured with the injection moulding presses for thermoplastics and came to the assembling and packing department where products are mounted and shipped.

The materials used are technical engineering polymers, belonging to the family of polyamides 6 and 66, which provide mechanical strength and good thermal resistance. For all metal parts (aluminum, brass, steel) Miselli Srl uses the input of a network of qualified partners for the supply of the particular machined base, while the finishing of the product is carried out internally.
The products are tested periodically from the point of view of performance to ensure the continuity of the technical characteristics described on the general catalogue.

Level Indicators

Indicatori di livello - immagine famiglia

Designed to control the level of hydraulic fluid and made ​​of technopolymer transparent polyamide based and aluminum alloy combined with transparent polyamide or natural glass

Plugs, breathers and dipsticks made in plastic

Tappi e aste livello in plastica - immagine famiglia

Made from Polyamide 6-66 for filling, venting and unloading oil tanks and hydraulic systems; Phosphated steel rods for controlling the hydraulic fluid level

Metal plugs and breathers

Tappi metallici - immagine famiglia

They can be used on tanks, hydraulic power units and transmission; made ​​of aluminum alloy, brass and galvanized steel.

Protection plugs and caps

Protezioni in polietilene - immagine famiglia

Designed to protect the smooth holes, threaded holes and males at the stage of packaging, transport and painting; materials: Polyethylene HD and LD, Polyamide 6